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Flexibility and Innovation is the Key to future success, and we at north Gate Catering are con- stantly looking to provide high quality food for all of our customers.

We provide a wide range of services that include

Business Lunches and Buffets
Business Promotions
Individual meals for employees and labors
Corporate Events
Club and Social Dinners
Wedding Receptions
Private House Celebrations
Ramadan Ifttar for high quantity of people

Daily Meals

Daily Meals

We provide daily meals for staff and schools to save time for them as well as we can have contracts with companies to provide these meals to their employees and are keen on the quality of the meals and all that at the best prices





We equip Outside buffets and we are keen to provide the best foods to be worthy of all visitors as you desire and we have a crew oversees the cooking and catering also offer ideas and advice to have the best  buffets also we support you in whatever you want.



You have occasion or celebration and Thbut for what he is equipped banquet and food for all guests interested in the quality of food provided and also wants to be characterized by the gift of celebrations, events and rely on the team to make these foods do not hesitate and contact us now!


North Gate kitchen

Free to contact us to discuss in detail the menus on offer


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